Screamish had the pleasure of attending The Royal Ontario Museum’s last installment of FNLROM 2019 aka The Vampire Ball, to celebrate the newest exhibition BLOODSUCKERS: LEGENDS TO LEECHES. ROM Friday Night Live runs EVERY Friday from 7PM-11:30PM, combining art, culture, nature and music to bring patrons an incredible night at the museum! Dance, drink and discover the ROM like never before at this now legendary party series.

Royal Ontario Museum – (c) @boravsbora

Apart from the incredible “Bloodsuckers” exhibition itself, #FNLROM’s Vampire Ball featured some incredible performances from burlesque performers: Scarlett LaFLamme, Dainty Smith, Delicia Pastiche and Cara De Mela. The Vampire Ball also showcased incredible food and drink stations, a killer DJ and more! All of this went down in the main area of the museum just feet away from a massive dinosaur bone installation, surrounded by tons of historical artifacts which made for a dramatic and well packed dance floor! Bloodsuckers fans were sinking their fangs into delectable food and drink stations from: Gushi (Korean fried chicken (our personal favourite), Tita Flips (Filipino street food), Shuck (Oyster bar),and  Ice Volcano Ice Cream (Co2 powered ice cream) which had them lined up into the late evening. Because the “Bloodsuckers” exhibit is built around blood – Screamish HAD to attend and let our incredible readers what to expect if checking out the exhibit.

Luckily, ROM experts Dr. Mary Burridge, Antionia Guidotti and Dr, Burton Lim were on site answering any questions party goers had about the fascinating specimens and exhibits. Amongst the live leeches, taxidermy displays of bats, goats and spiders were preserved eels free to handle by the braver attendees, live mosquito larvae, teeny tiny beds complete with bed bugs, and massive 3D models of the microscopic Bloodsuckers that feed on us every day.

From leeches and lampreys to birds and moths,  there are over 30,000 species that feed on blood, and these bloodsuckers have fascinated humans for millennia. Supernatural or immortal, fear of these creatures spawned myths of the undead the world over, including the story of Dracula and the legend of the Chupacabra. “Bloodsuckers” covers these myths and legends ranging from ancient artwork and texts from African, Asian and ancient Sumerian societies, to Brahm Stokers notes on Dracula, and all the way to modern Hollywood hits. While real bloodsuckers have inspired the mythical, they have also influenced the medical field, from spreading blood-borne diseases to the practice of bloodletting and their role in modern medicine. “Bloodsuckers” is packed with amazing medical devices, anatomical displays and other ephemera from the world of weird medicine sure to fascinate you. Filled with amazing blood-feeding facts, larger than life installations and live specimens, the “Bloodsuckers” exhibition answers your biting questions.

Without giving the entire exhibit away, we’ve included some of our favorite creatures and historical artifacts found in the exhibit below, including Instructional guides for bloodletting, Enema syringes, giant blood cells, Porcelain Leech containers, Vampire hunting tools, a bust of Count Dracula, Bram Stokers hand written notes, Mosquito larvae and MUCH MUCH more! Bloodsuckers: Legends to Leeches runs until March 22, 2020 at The Royal Ontario Museum. GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY!



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