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Porn Legend Kendra Sunderland Kicked Off Instagram After Iconic Livestream

Adult film star Kendra Sunderland finally went too far for Zucc!

Sunderland, 25, known for her legendary masturbation video in the Oregon State University library, made two huge no-no’s which quickly caused her verified account with over 2 million followers to be deleted.

Just to be clear – We fully support Kendra Sunderland and all professional sex workers having the ability to promote on social platforms, especially considering racist and much more horrific adult content exists without deletion on every single social platform. (As well, all adult content is readily available without age gating anywhere – Including fully naked yoga on YouTube)

Earlier this month Kendra made jokes about Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram and how she was “blowing” him to keep her revealing photos on IG without deletion.

“Hey guys! I just wanna let you know I’m not deleted yet…I’m batshit crazy. I might be sucking off the CEO of Instagram. But, whatever it is, I’m here to stay!”

Most followers and fans took this as an innocent joke and brushed it off, others including fellow adult star Alana Evans took offence and went full Karen on twitter, saying:

“I don’t usually call out performers for their behavior on Instagram, but today I am done. This was posted to IG AFTER Kendra sucked off a dildo while TOPLESS LIVE on her IG story! NO MORE NEGOTIATIONS @INSTAGRAM Hey @mosseri wtf is this? Does your wife know”

We suspect Evans went on a reporting spree and encouraged her fans to do the same. Sunderland’s account was gone 12 hours later.

This was strike one for Kendra, and she followed this up with a super raunchy and intoxicated livestream from Kirill’s warehouse.

Known as “The Slut Whisperer”, Kirill is now focused on his merchandising company and has recruited Kendra Sunderland and other porn stars to model the apparel. If you are a follower of Kirill, you know his photoshoots can get super raunchy – Just like his now defunct parties which will probably have a huge comeback once covid19 is under control.

Sunderland herself admitted she made a mistake by making jokes and maybe having a few too many White Claws before going live (honestly something we can all relate to)

“I was also going crazy on Live yesterday, doing things I know I shouldn’t have, and was just drunk and didn’t care. I’m guessing that’s why. I would be surprised if the other reason was why, because I said it in such a joking manner. I never even really knew who the CEO of Instagram was, or anything. I’ve never met this person before in my life.”

Check out a clip of the now infamous livestream and give Kendra Sunderland a follow on her new account! We expect the lovable stoner babe to get her old account back or most of her followers back in no time.

The Infamous Kendra Sunderland Clip

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