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Bliss: 31 Days Of Horror – Day 6

Bliss 2019

BLISS (2019)
Director & Writer: Joe Begos

BLISS is a great PSA for avoiding any drugs sold in dive bars lit by Dario Argento and run by metal loving neckbeards. From production company Channel 83 founded by Joe Begos [THE MIND’S EYE, ALMOST HUMAN, GUTTER & BLISS] This blood and drug soaked indie horror, follows a brilliant painter facing a horrible case of creative block which unfortunately causes her to fall down a rabbit hole of excessive drug use, bar bathroom sex and of course flesh and blood eating. Half John Carpenter style 80s horror, half vampire porn, with a dash of metal and synth-wave soundtrack makes for a shallow but fun recipe that any genre fan can sink their teeth into.

Things go sideways for our main character Dezzy (Dora Madison) after participating in an experimental drug fuelled threesome at her drug dealers house party, which may or may not have resulted in her being bit by a vampire. After a night of degeneracy, Dezzy finally is able to paint again, but also starts to experience withdrawal symptoms but it’s not drugs she needs, its warm fresh human blood. This journey into hell and the underbelly of Los Angeles is a semi confessional from Begos, who struggled to get any of his movies made after being dropped by his agent.

Bliss 2019 - Hero Image


Begos pays homage to controversial filmmakers Clive Barker and Gaspar Noé, combining ultraviolence, psychedelic visuals and unbridled sexuality for the ultimate audience trip. Shot on 16 mm, this movie sucks you into a filthy hallucinatory world where nothing is right, yet you can’t look away. Although BLISS has it’s more than questionable scenes (dancing to metal montage, painting to metal montage, endless 360 camera work during sex and club scenes) overall this movie has way more wins than losses and was genuinely gripping to watch. Even myself, someone who can barely be shaken was very impressed with the use of practical effects and gallons of blood, for some of the movies gorier scenes. Gore hounds take note!

Bliss 2019

BLISS s is a transgressive splatter-fest that most critics will hate but genre fans will love. Get ready for a surreal, maddening, balls to the wall trippy and absurd journey with this movie. Also, important to note how amazing it was to hear some incredible doom metal as an accompanying horror soundtrack [ELECTRIC WIZARD, DOOMRIDERS, ISIS]. Don’t forget to smoke DMT & hail Baphomet before you watch BLISS.

Possibly one of my new favourites of 2019. BLISS is out now on VOD!

Check out the trailer below & Stay tuned to Screamish as we continue to countdown the best of Horror all October long as part of #31daysofhorror.

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