Founded in 2006 by current Festival Director Adam Lopez, Toronto After Dark showcases thrilling movies Lopez loved to watch at other film festivals around the world, but rarely seemed to find a home in Toronto. With over 10,000 attendees a year, Toronto After Dark is one of the world’s leading showcases of new Horror, Sci-Fi and Action Movies. This year TAD runs October 17-25th featuring over 50 films, (both features and shorts) at the Scotiabank Theatre located at 259 Richmond Street West in the heart of Downtown Toronto.

Toronto After Dark has unveiled its FIRST WAVE of 10 exciting new genre film announcements for this year’s line-up! Highlights include the critically acclaimed ‘COME TO DADDY’ from Spectrevision (MANDY, Color Out Of Space) and the Sundance hit sci-fi fantasy PARADISE HILLS starring Emma Roberts and Milla Jovovich.

Read below for our top picks & trailers and ticket info!


Toronto Premiere. DIR: Ant Timpson

At a remote cabin in the woods, a getaway becomes an increasingly bizarre weekend for a son trying to connect with his estranged father, played by cult icon Stephen McHattie. Unfortunately Dad seems to have gotten himself into all sorts of trouble, and it’s not long before his son is doped into a gory and terrifying ordeal in this horror thriller that also has a good dose of dark comedy. COME TO DADDY is the latest crowdpleaser from the twisted mind of Ant Timpson who previously produced TAD hits DEATHGASM and HOUSEBOUND. Sadly there is no official trailer, but we have a teaser clip to get you in the mood! Stay tuned to Screamish for ticket updates for COME TO DADDY and TORONTO AFTER DARK 2019



World Premiere – DIR: Pearry Teo

THE EXCORCIST gets a terrifying modern-day makeover with THE ASSENT, of the the scariest looking films at Toronto After Dark this year. After a series of disturbing events in his home, Joel a young single dad comes to suspect that his young son may be possessed. Son Joel receives a visit from Father Lambert, a controversial exorcist in town whose last patient died during his treatment. As increasing chilling occurrences begin to unfold, the priest informs a resistant Joel that unless he can successfully perform an exorcism, the devil will take full control of his son. Oh also, there are some BADASS body horror effects in the trailer that have us on the edge of our seats for more! Watch the full trailer below & Stay tuned to Screamish for ticket updates for THE ASSENT and TORONTO AFTER DARK 2019


Toronto Premiere. Director – Seth Ickerman

Synthwave & Sci-Fi fans are in for a treat with this stunning new space epic about a bounty hunter on the hunt for a mysterious spaceship ran by AI that has the ability to take on human form. Your eyes and ears are in for a treat with a retro-future, neo Tokyo cyberpunk sensation of BLOOD MACHINES. The film draws. On vintage sci-fi art for incredible visuals. And the sound design and score inspired by John Carpenter amongst others, comes from acclaimed synth wave icon CARPENTER BRUT. So strap in and prepare to blast off for the space journey of a lifetime.


Toronto Premiere. Director: Brett & Drew Pierce

After a young mom brings a dead deer carcass home from the woods, a ferocious and benevolent force is unleashed that takes possession over her and the entire family. Toronto After Dark’s Gala closing film – THE WRETCHED from Brett & Drew Pierce, who previously dazzled audiences with their zombie comedy hit DEADHEADS looks like an impressive follow up. In the same vein of FRIGHT NIGHT, only the teen boy next door notices something is not quite right with his neighbors and decides to fight back.  Packed with scary fun moments and a throwback aesthetic evoking classic 80s horror, THE WRETCHED is the perfect movie for all genre fans!

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