Cemetery Man (1994)

After working with legends like Argento, Fulci and Terry Gilliam, and giving us the classic romp ‘Stage Fright’, Michele Soavi gives us his strangest, and possibly final, film, “Cemetery Man (Dellamorte Dellamore)”. Based on an Italian novel of the same name, this love story has Rupert Everett as Francesco Dellamorte, a beleaguered gravedigger who’s clients are coming back to life after 7 days.  With his idiot sidekick’s Gnaghi’s help, he doesn’t file the paperwork necessary to get assistance from this city: “It’s easier just to shoot them.”, which he does, a lot…..but the mayor is on his back, the cops don’t seem to care, and the love of his life keeps dying.

Add one part slapstick comedy, one part zombie massacre, one part necrophilic romance and a heavy dash of surreal, black humour, this one’s unlike anything else. From decapitating debutantes to meeting death himself, Soavi takes us on a wild, hallucinatory and hilarious ride that’s definitely not your average giallo!


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