David Lynch to Write / Direct New Netflix Series “Unrecorded Night” in 2021

Rumours have been swirling of a new David Lynch project for months – Twin Peaks fans will be semi disappointed to learn it’s not another season of the beloved cult hit. Working with Netflix, Lynch will be launching a brand new TV series.

Issue 1222 of Production Weekly, showed an untitled David Lynch project titled “Wisteria”, likely a reference to Wisteria Lane (the fictional town in ABCs Desperate Housewives).

Lynch is no stranger to powerful women and melodramatic plot-lines, so it’s not a stretch for him to be referencing the soap opera like hit Desperate Housewives.

Since the initial posting, more information has dropped and we’ve learned that the Untitled David Lynch series is now being called “Unrecorded Night”. Also listen as a DOP, Peter Deming – Known for his work alongside Lynch on Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway.


Production is stated to start in May 2021 and it will be filming in The Calvert Studios.

David Lynch has both writer and director credits with Sabrina S. Sutherland is listed as the producer. Sutherland has worked on a number of David Lynch projects, including: Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces from 2014 and Twin Peaks: The Return.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter – when asked about a secret Netflix project, Lynch responded with the following:

“There’s all kinds of rumors. I’ve got a show called What Did Jack Do? on Netflix right now. It’s a great show about a monkey. It’s something you’ve got to see. And it will really help you in quarantine.”

david lynch

If you haven’t already seen the strange 17 – minute crime mystery starring a monkey – We highly recommend checking it out during your next late night binge. David Lynch also served as executive producer on the documentary, My Beautiful Broken Brain which was picked up as a Netflix Original.

This is all we know for now and none of this has yet to be confirmed by Netflix themselves or David Lynch himself.

UPDATE via Welcome to Twin Peaks: As first reported by @fatecolossal on Twitter, Production Weekly lists two production companies for UNRECORDED NIGHT: the recently incorporated A2K PRODUCTIONS, INC. and TWIN PEAKS PRODUCTIONS, INC. which previously produced Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, Twin Peaks: The Return, and On The Air, and has all C-level positions turned over to David Lynch since February 23, 2020. Is Unrecorded Night a Twin Peaks spin-off?



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Working with Netflix, Lynch will be launching a brand new TV series.
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